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Our lead writer, Steve Breslin, holds a Ph.D. in English Literature, and has been writing video games for about 20 years. He began writing in the early days of multi-user text-based games, moved on to take an avant-garde role in developing narrative structure in single-player text-based games, and finally entered the mainstream of the industry in 2008.

Steve has published numerous works, including several articles on dynamic writing and story design. You can find his latest article on game writing here. His most recent game writing credits include Wasteland Angel and Pirates of Black Cove.

Modern gamers, especially in English markets, have a very high expectation of writing quality and story. However, in many cases, games are written in English by non-native speakers or roughed out by amateur writers.

Breslin Studios specialises in polishing texts such as these: not only does the final product sound as though it was written by a native-speaker, but it also reflects the craftsmanship of an expert games writer. Naturally, this service includes a high standard of proofreading and close editing, but as needed we can provide what is sometimes termed "script doctoring" – we can suggest stylistic improvements to make your game even more exciting and engaging or, as needed, rewrite and restructure the story to maximize its impact.

We take great pride and satisfaction in fulfilling our mission: to help you realise your creative vision, and make sure the published game is every bit as exceptional as you dreamed. One of our key skills is the crafting of dialogue – we ensure your characters have personality and authenticity. Whether it's a gritty action hero spitting laconic one-liners, a gruff orc snarling at everyone he meets, or a conniving Necromancer spouting witticisms, we can ensure your characters sound convincing and engaging. No matter the genre, our goal is to make sure your players and fans become engrossed in the game, for that coveted total immersion experience.

So please contact us about your latest project – we're keen to start working with you!